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Looking for Fairness: Differences in Navy Federal Home Loan Approvals Based on Race.

 5-MINUTE READ  February 06, 2024


If you've applied for a mortgage at Navy Federal Credit Union and you're not white, attorneys from ClassAction.org want to hear from you. A recent CNN report uncovered troubling racial disparities in Navy Federal's mortgage approval rates, revealing that Black applicants are more than twice as likely to be denied compared to their white counterparts with similar financial backgrounds.

Legal Action Unfolding:

After the CNN report, multiple lawsuits have been filed against Navy Federal. Now, lawyers from ClassAction.org are actively looking for more cases. If you're a non-white individual who applied for a home loan at Navy Federal, your participation is crucial. Just fill out a form on their website, and a lawyer might contact you with more details.

Key Findings from the CNN Report:

Based on 2022 data from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, the CNN report revealed significant differences in Navy Federal's mortgage approval rates. While 77.1% of white applicants were approved for new home loans, only 55.8% of Latino applicants and 48.5% of Black applicants received approval for the same type of loan. This almost 29% gap between Black and white applicants is the largest among the top 50 mortgage lenders in 2022, as per the report. Surprisingly, this disparity still exists even when considering factors like income, debt, property value, and down payment.

Legal Experts' Concerns:

Lawyers from ClassAction.org are not just looking at the approval rate difference but are also checking if Navy Federal might be charging higher interest rates to Black and other non-white borrowers compared to white borrowers.

Potential Impact of a Lawsuit:

If a class action lawsuit against Navy Federal succeeds, it could make the credit union change how it deals with mortgage applications to reduce racial differences. This might mean pushing Navy Federal to improve its use of automated systems for decision-making and addressing hidden biases that could affect non-white customers. Additionally, a positive result in the lawsuit could mean getting money back for minority applicants who might have paid more because of potential interest rate increases by the credit union


As the legal battle unfolds, it becomes evident that addressing racial disparities in mortgage approvals is not just about seeking justice for individuals but also about advocating for systemic changes that promote fairness and equality in the lending process. If you have a story to share, consider joining the effort by reaching out to ClassAction.org and playing a part in this pursuit of justice.

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